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There are some projects that are just fun from beginning to end. My cat pillow was like that. I couldn’t wait to see it completed; mainly because of the cat’s face; so mischievous, and cute! Also because I stitched some of it with 2 strands and some with 3 depending on the item. The cat’s face was 2; and also the apron to lighten the details. Three strands seemed too heavy for those areas.. It’s stitched on linen – my favorite fabric and I pulled the colors from the border fabric which is pretty full of colors. The pattern is from Aunt Martha’s embroidery patterns, this pillow is in my shop on etsy; but if it never sells, that’s fine. That cat makes me smile, and I don’t even have cats!


I made this pillow of linen and it measures 13″ high and 15″ wide. The filling is polyfil. The photo is of a vintage drawing of children and has been applied to a cotton fabric and sewn on the front of the pillow.

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