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Sometimes when I stitch a new pattern it’s fun to play around with the colors to create a theme. I found a pattern that I really like which has everything I love – flowing lines, and nature. It is an Aunt Martha pattern and you can see it here for $1.50. The colors I decided to work with are a different palette than I usually use. I decided to go neutral in subdued greens and blues. I like the effect. I am probably going to make a pillow – this completed piece currently lays in the ‘now what?’ pile in my sewing room. I should probably take a weekend and have a ‘now finish’ party, but I haven’t been that ambitious yet.



I made this Kindle Cover today out of the Snow White fabric from the 

Far Far Away fabric collection by Heather Ross. I also made a coin purse out of the same fabric.


The yellow is cheerful and I love the birch trees as well as the dwarfs’ long underwear hanging on the line! The fox on top left of the coin purse ended up on the front of the Kindle Cover. The great thing about this fabric is that the pattern is large and there are a lot of trees. Snow White doesn’t show up on the Cover that I made because the pattern doesn’t repeat often. It’s like two different fabrics from one bolt.

Stitching is one of my favorite hobbies. I love to take a line drawing and transfer it to fabric to stitch. I drew this a long time ago in an art class and have always liked the texture it represents. I made the first stitched pine cone into a table runner that sits on a buffet in our entry. I have another ready to go, but am not sure what to make with it.


Not every line needs to be transferred;  it’s more appealing to the eye to have less when stitching in my opinion anyway. This is the table runner. I made it out of Sew classic linen from JoAnn’s Fabric and a gold metallic fabric I found at Wal-Mart.

This is on the buffet in our entry and reminds me of the mountain backpacking and camping trips we take in the summer. One little stitched pine cone = summertime memories.

What kind of items would you like to see made? Always open for suggestions and requests! Comment here with any ideas or suggestions!

Hello, I am Audrey, and I love to make things that bless people. Things that encourage and bring beauty to a living space. I like blogs that share information; especially when the information is helpful. So to start, let me show you what I’ve been up to as far as the things I have made. Hopefully it will inspire you to make some things of your own.

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