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There are some plants that are so easy to grow and such high performers, they become my favorite. The perennial Black Eyed Susan, is like that. I have moved it around the garden and it has happily agreed to grow wherever I feel like it should. Since I am kind of a intermittent gardener, I appreciate this kind of easy going attitude. I think I have found the perfect spot for this summer beauty – right by the front door. This way, it says happy summer to anyone who comes over. You have to love a plant that will do that in 100 degree weather. I would recommend this plant for a cheerful addition to your garden.



My friend is pretty handy in the garden and came up with an attractive pair of planters for her front porch. She knew she wanted to use a wine barrel for a rustic look. She made sure to attach the wooden slats to the metal bands and to each other with glue so that it didn’t fall apart when she cut the barrel in half. She created a short planter in the top third of the half barrels and fastened each half to the walls on either side of her front door.

She had been planning this for her entry and thought about the details. Each planter has an electrical outlet which operates the self-timed drip system.

They are a nice addition to a beautiful entry.